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Generally, there is no need to download the driver, It’s not that the game needs to download the driver, but if some computers can't recognize the racing wheel and the racing wheel is abnormal, you need to download the driver.

The driver is installed according to the configuration of the host computer. If your host computer is a 64-bit system, please select the 64-bit driver to install; If the host computer is a 32-bit system, please select the 32-bit driver to install; If you need a DirectInput driver mode, please select the DirectInput driver to install.

① S716W-Driver

【Download】Driver Package for S716W  4-IN-1 Wireless Controller

② R180C-Driver

【Download】Driver Package for R180C 5-IN-1 Racing Steering Wheel


【Download】Driver Package for R270 Racing Steering Wheel

 ④ R270-Driver Firmware Update and Instruction for 【Xbox Series X

【Download】R270-Driver Firmware Update and Instruction for 【Xbox Series X】

【Article】How to Update the Firmware on Your DOYO Racing Wheel for Xbox Sereis X


Frequently Asked Questions About Steering Wheel Connection to the PC:

1. There is no response when connecting it to the computer?

  • Check whether the steering wheel indicator light is on normally, the first time you connect the steering wheel, you can go to the PC's USB game controller interface to test the function. If the functions all respond, the link is successful.
  • If there is no device displayed in the USB game controller interface but the steering wheel indicator light is on, and the driver has been installed, it may be that the WINODWS version cannot recognize the XBOX 360 driver, try to change to another system version or other computer for testing.

2. The pedal cannot work normally after connecting to the PC?

  • Check whether the pedal is properly connected to the steering wheel, and test it in the WINDOWS USB game controller interface to see if there is something wrong. If not, it means that there is no problem with the product.
  • If part of the pedal function does not respond, try to reconnect the pedal to the steering wheel, then reconnect the steering wheel to the computer USB host and press the accelerator and brake at the same time for 2 seconds and release the USB game controller in the PC to test again.

3. Can't control the game after the steering wheel is connected to the computer?

  • Check whether the steering wheel connection is normal, and then go to the PC's USB game controller interface to perform a functional test to see if it responds. If it is normal, then there is no problem with the product.
  • First check whether the game you are playing supports Directinput mode or XINPUT mode, you need to switch the corresponding mode to control, if the game is Directinput mode, you need to go to the custom settings in the game to control it.

4. The steering wheel does not vibrate when playing games?

  • First check whether the game itself supports vibration. If the game does not support vibration, there is no vibration.
  • If the game supports vibration and the steering wheel does not vibrate, you can first switch the steering wheel to the Directinput mode and go to the PC's USB game controller interface --test panel the Left force or Both force buttons in the Vibration Test to perform the vibration test whether it is normal If the vibration is normal, it is not a product problem, which is generally caused by the vibration mode and game compatibility.
  • First check what mode the game’s vibration supports. The steering wheel needs to switch to the corresponding mode to vibrate.If the game itself is vibrating in XINPUT mode, try switching the steering wheel to XINPUT mode to control whether there is vibration. If it still does not check whether the game itself Support vibration or go to other games for testing.

Hope this was helpful for you.

  • If you encounter any problems while using this product or can’t download the drivers successfully, please feel free to contact us at: doyobestseller@outlook.com.
  • We can send you the drivers and provide detail video and one-to-one technical support and coaching.

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