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Frequently Asked Questions About R808 Steering Wheel Connection to the PC:

1. PC can’t recognize the steering wheel after plug the USB into host:
  • Two in one USB cable, one USB end is thick, the other is thin. The thick USB functions as power and data cable for the steering wheel main part, the thin one is speaker power cable.
  • You need to plug the thick USB to PC first, Plug the thin one later. The thin one doesn’t need to be plug, if speaker function is not supported in games or if you don’t need the speaker function.
2. Foot pedals and shifter not working?
  • First, please check whether the USB cables be plug in correctly. There are signs and instruction next to the USB interface.
  • And, please take a performance test at first time use or when you meet problems. Taking a test in order to check if the hardware defect. If the test is OK, which means there isn’t a product problem.
3. Computer can recognize the wheel but can't control the steering wheel in game?
  • Go to the PC's USB game controller interface to make a functional test to check whether the wheel, foot pedal and shifter work. If all work properly, then there is no problem in the product.
  • There are 2 input modes, Direct input(light blue color) and X input(emerald green color) mode. Only two modes in PC platform, easy to find out. You need to switch between these 2 modes to find which is suitable for your game, the correct mode is needed even in the functional test.
  • For example: In Direct input mode, the wheel, shifter and all buttons/devices can be found and tested, but in X input mode you only see wheel and buttons test, shifter test is not available.
  • You need to check the controller setting in your game. Generally, there will be keyboard equiped with computer, you have to choose the steering wheel as your game controller, not others.

Frequently Asked Questions About R808 Steering Wheel Connection To The XBOX:

1. When connecting xbox/xboxone, nothing happens Check out some tips below and try them out
  • When connecting to the xbox, you need to pay attention to using the original handle, and you cannot use the wireless handle to connect.
  • When connecting to XBOX ONE, you need to remove the battery on your wireless handle or turn it off, and take out your USB data cable to connect the handle to the steering wheel.
  • If the game does not support the H gear lever, please use the left and right trigger paddles as an automatic gear lever, thank you for your understanding.


>Assembly instructions for each component of the R808 gaming steering wheel: 👇🏻

>R808 gaming steering wheel PC calibration instruction video: 👇🏻

>Tutorial on connecting R808 game steering wheel to switch: 👇🏻

>R808 gaming steering wheel connected to PS3: 👇🏻

Hope this will be helpful for you.

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