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Doyo Game

DOYO 10.1 Inch Classic Arcade Game Machine Rechargeable LCD Display Collectible Android-Based Simulator DIY Platform

DOYO 10.1 Inch Classic Arcade Game Machine Rechargeable LCD Display Collectible Android-Based Simulator DIY Platform

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  • FREE VIDEO GAMES】: More than 1,000 games are provided for free, and you can also go to Google to search and download the games you like. It wii bring you back to the youth of hanging out in various arcades,
    give you great childhood memories when you and your friends were playing console together. Those days and memories are priceless.
  • COMPATIBLE DEVICES】: The joystick is a multi-platform video joystick compatible with Raspberry Pi Board/SNK Mini Console/Switch/PS3/PC/Android platforms; you need to connect the HDMI cables of with the platforms before use. It has specified interface with the joystick, please connect the USB cable with the platforms to use.
  • STANDALONE ARCADE JOYSTICK】: If you need better visuals, you need to plug the HDMI cable into other display devices, such as a TV or LCD monitor. At this point, this product is equivalent to a separated display system.
  • REAL SIMULATION】: This arcade uses real joystick controls, graphics and sound to give you an enhanced original game. You can use it as an audiovisual entertainment tool, such as arcade game, watching a movie and listening to music.
  • HIGH QUALITY】: This arcade is sturdy and durable, with a unique design and clear picture quality. It is designed to fit your toy, game series, bookshelf or desk perfectly, and relive the fun of arcade games in a comfortable home.
  • We offer wholesale and retail purchase, with good discounts the more you buy, the better your discount. 



You can download some games in NES format here:

Or download games in NES or other formats from Google. Such as how to download Super Mario: 


How to add games on this arcade machinePlease follow below steps to add more games on this arcade machine.

  • The first step is to put the games onto the microSD card /TF card. This will require an adapter that allows your microSD card to be read by your computer. Once this adapter is acquired, plug it into your computer and open the window that shows you the files currently on your card.
  • Then create a GAME folder in the first directory of the USB flash disk or TF card, copy the downloaded game, and NeoGeo simulator to the GAME folder.
  • In the third step, We will download the most current ZIP file for all the arcade games, which is found on the Internet or our sharing websites.We'll copy the games and paste them into the MicroSD /TF card. (Note that the NeoGeo simulator should be in ZIP file format and placed directly in the game list) 

Here is the installation video of DOYO Classic Arcade. When playing the video, please set the clearest picture quality on YouTube!


  1. Enjoy all the arcade games you grew up with at home, in your office and in your dorm room whether you're a retro fan or looking at this product novelty. 
  2. And the desktop design and cashless operation instantly jump back to the 1980s.
  3. 7 game platforms (MAME 0.139 ,SNES ,SEGA,NES ,GBA,PS.DC ) in this machine perfect recovery due to mature MAME technology. 
  4. Intelligent design allows you to run a game ROM on this machine using USB flash drives and TF cards.
  5. It's also a lot more imaginative for DIY enthusiasts. 
  6. The buttons and Joysticks are the same as those of the real arcade machines. Feel the touch, seamlessly. 
  7. The price is even better in terms of space and money.  It's a pleasure to be able to experience 7 different game consoles for once purchase.
  8. The game arcade uses tempered glass material, with 10.1-inch LCD color screen, the eye-protected Colorful Screen enhance Gaming experience, high resolution of 1024 * 600,enjoy your time back to 1990s.



  • 10.1 " ( 25.6 cm)  Color LED Screen 1024*600
  • Weight: 3.1 kg
  • Built-in 68 games 
  • Product Dimension: 26.2cm x 27.6cm x 41.2cm (10.8 x 10.7 x 16.3 inch  )
  • Main input : 5V-2A , micro USB interface
  • Built-in 5000 mAh ,can play anywhere and anywhen
  • Support emulator games MAME ,GBA ,NES ,SNES ,SEGA ,PS
  • Support TF Card games and USB flash driver 
  • Storage: 64M, RAM with 200 games and support the biggest 64GB TF card


Product include: 

  • 1 x arcade machine
  • 1 x Manuel
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x USB flash driver 
  • 1 x TF card 

  • The arcades sold on the market are too small, and the conductive silicone toys in the security room cannot bring the thrill of percussion and experience the joy of game operation. Our products use high-quality Prolink buttons, and the button life is greater than 5 million times.
  • Most of the built-in games on the market cannot be upgraded and replaced, and the built-in games are not highly playable, and classic games cannot be experienced. The CPU configuration is too low and can only be used as a toy. The screen is only the size of a palm, and it can only be used as a decoration. It cannot release nostalgia.
  • Moreover, the traditional arcade machine is too large and the space is limited. It is not convenient to place. It requires a voltage of 110V to 220V. The game cannot be updated and downloaded, and it can only play its own game.

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