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DOYO 735 Switch controller/Mobile phone handle/PC Bluetooth controller/Super endurance removable battery


As an important peripheral for improving gaming experience, the KT735 game controller has always attracted the attention of game enthusiasts. Recently, DOYO launched a new wireless game controller, which has become one of the most anticipated game controllers on the market with its unique macro buttons, Turbo Boost, 6-axis gyroscope, wake-up, vibration and removable battery.
1. Macro button, one click

In games, complex operations often put players off. The unique macro button design of the Black Shark Wireless Game Controller allows players to easily achieve ultimate control with one click. Through macro buttons, players can customize complex operations such as combos and skills, making the gaming experience smoother and making it easier to control various games.

2. Turbo Boost helps you make a comeback

Facing the most intense battles in the game, delaying a second time means defeat. The Turbo Boost function equipped with the DOYO735 wireless game controller can effectively reduce latency and improve game control response speed, helping you make a comeback and become the best on the battlefield.

3. 6-axis gyroscope, precise positioning

In games, precise control is inseparable from a stable sense of direction. The DOYO735 wireless game controller has a built-in 6-axis gyroscope, which can capture player movements in real time and accurately position, making game control more stable and helping you stay invincible in the game.

4. Wake-up function, convenient connection

Say goodbye to cumbersome connection steps, the wake-up function of DOYO735 wireless game controller makes connection easy and simple. Just turn on the wake-up function and the controller will automatically connect to the device, allowing you to quickly get started and enjoy the game.

5. Vibration feedback, immersive

In games, vibration feedback can make players more immersed and feel the reality of the game. DOYO735 wireless game controller supports vibration function, which can adjust the vibration intensity in real time according to the game scene, allowing players to experience immersive vibration feedback in the game.

6. Removable battery, worry-free battery life

In order to allow players to fully immerse themselves in the game, the DOYO735 wireless game controller adopts a removable battery design, supports 1000mAh battery, and has a battery life of up to 10 hours. At the same time, the controller also supports keyboard key value mapping to meet the needs of players in various scenarios.

Summary: The KT735 wireless game controller brings players the ultimate gaming experience with its unique features such as macro buttons, Turbo Boost, 6-axis gyroscope, wake-up, vibration and removable battery. This controller is not only suitable for hardcore gamers, but also meets the needs of light gamers. If you are looking for a game controller with high-quality control experience, then KT735 is definitely worth owning.


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