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The multifunctional 270-degree steering wheel makes your gaming experience more exciting and realistic

This steering wheel has broad compatibility and can be used with multiple gaming platforms, including SWITCH, PC, PS3, Android, PS4, XBOX ONE, XBOX360, and NS SWITCH. Each platform has a different color LED indicator light, making it easy for you to distinguish the connection status.


game steering wheel handle


  Before using the steering wheel, you need to connect the USB of the pedal to the USB port behind the steering wheel, and the steering wheel will automatically calibrate the pedal. After connecting it to the game console, the steering wheel will automatically identify the gaming platform. For the PC end, it defaults to Xinput mode. If you need to switch to Dinput mode, just press and hold the PS key for 3 seconds to switch. The green light indicates the dinput mode, and the blue light indicates the xinput mode. If you need to control the game in different control modes, just select the corresponding control mode that the game supports.



  This steering wheel has a 270-degree turning function and is compatible with various gaming devices, such as PS3, PS4, XBOX ONE, XBOX360, PC, NS SWITCH, Android, and other devices. When you connect to PS3, PC, NS SWITCH, or Android devices, it is plug-and-play without the need for guidance. However, connecting to PS4, XBOX ONE, or XBOX360 requires guidance. The specific method is to connect the USB of the PS4, XBOX ONE, or XBOX360 controller to the joystick interface behind the steering wheel.


  In addition, you can choose any of the 1-7 sensitivity levels according to your needs, and the default sensitivity is 4. This feature allows you to better adapt to different types of games and makes your gaming experience smoother.

1-7 file introduction picture



  the design of this steering wheel considers comfort. It has rubber handles that provide a comfortable and secure grip even during long gaming sessions. The steering wheel itself is also large enough to give you a real driving experience and compact enough for easy storage when not in use. the multifunctional 270-degree steering wheel is a powerful, widely compatible, adjustable sensitivity, and easy-to-use gaming controller. If you are a gaming enthusiast, this steering wheel is definitely your best choice.


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