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KTA87: PS5 pedestal support for one-time solid usePS4 Controllers

In the gaming world, an uninterrupted gaming experience is the goal of every player. With the continuous evolution of gaming controllers, the KTA87 Dual Charging Stand offers a brand-new charging solution for PS5/PS4 controllers. This article will introduce the features of this stand and the convenience and comfort it brings to players, with its stable structure design, gaming console style.



Dual Charging Design for an Uninterrupted Gaming Experience:

The KTA87 Dual Charging Stand is equipped with two charging slots, enabling it to charge two PS5 controllers simultaneously. Whether you're gaming alone or teaming up with friends, this stand ensures that your controllers stay fully charged, guaranteeing an uninterrupted gaming experience.



 Type-C Adapter Charging to Prevent Wear and Tear:

To provide a more convenient controller insertion and removal experience and prevent wear and tear on the charging interface, the KTA87 Dual Charging Stand adopts the Type-C adapter charging method. This design not only reduces wear and tear during insertion and removal but also ensures the stability of charging, offering you a more durable and reliable charging effect.


Specific configuration diagram


 Input Voltage/Current: 5V/2A for Efficient Charging:

The stand operates at an input voltage/current of 5V/2A, providing your controllers with efficient charging capability. The quick and stable charging speed allows you to obtain sufficient power in a short time, bringing you more convenience in your gaming experience.


 Fast Charging, Fully Charged in Approximately 4 Hours:

The KTA87 Dual Charging Stand only takes about 4 hours to fully charge your controllers. With a brief break, your controllers will regain sufficient power, allowing you to game without any worries. Such efficient charging saves you waiting time, enabling you to focus more on the joy of gaming.


The KTA87 Dual Charging Stand is a tailored charging solution for PS5/PS4 controllers. With its dual charging design, Type-C adapter charging, efficient and stable charging capability, and fast charging time, it provides players with the convenience of an uninterrupted gaming experience. Let's bid farewell to charging anxieties and immerse ourselves in the fun of gaming! With the KTA87 Dual Charging Stand, your controllers will always be kept at high power, ensuring an endless pleasure of gaming!


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