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About the new product KT820 , Cat Ear Steering Wheel

As a professional gaming equipment manufacturer, we are proud to introduce our latest product, the KT820 Cat Ears Game Steering Wheel. This steering wheel is equipped with the most advanced technology and design to meet the needs of different types of games.


First of all, the KT820 Cat Ears Gaming Wheel is available in three colors: black, green and red. All of these colors are very stylish and can make your gaming experience even better.


Secondly, the KT820 Cat Ears Gaming Wheel supports multi-platform compatible connectivity, including PC, PS4, Xbox One and other major gaming platforms. This means you can use the same steering wheel on different platforms without having to change other accessories.

Compatible with multiple platforms

Finally, the KT820 Cat Ear Game Wheel supports both wireless and wired connections. If your computer or gaming console supports wireless connection, then you can directly use the Bluetooth connection. If your device does not support wireless connection, then you can use USB wired connection.



All in all, the KT820 Cat Ear Game Wheel is a very good gaming device with a variety of advantages and features. If you are a lover of games, then this steering wheel is definitely a choice you can't miss.


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