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KT820 cat ear wireless gaming steering wheels function introduction

1.Support platforms: PS4/PS3/SWITCH/PC/IOS/Android and other platforms, IOS platform supports MFI mode and V3 game mode, Android platform supports HID standard mode and V3 mode; IOS MFI mode plays games in ShanWan MFi app, V3 game mode to play games in the App Store; Android HID mode to play arcade games, and Android V3 to play games downloaded from the Android market. The PC (Windows) platform supports wired connection, and the wired function is realized by connecting the TYPE-C data cable to the USB-T socket behind the steering wheel. The PC platform supports Xinput/Directinput and the default Xinput is switched on by pressing the (HOME) button for 3 seconds. Xinput/DirectInput mode.


2.The Bluetooth connection distance is about 8 meters, and the Bluetooth version is 5.0.

3.Built-in lithium battery.

4.Support a 10-level dead zone reduction compensation setting, each level can reduce the dead zone by 3 degrees, and the default is 1 level.Support 4 levels of dead zone increase, each level increases by 3 degrees, a total of 12 degrees.

5.Support 4 levels of sensitivity setting, each level corresponds to 1 LED indicator, and the default is 1 level.

6.Support sensitivity/dead zone setting/replacement function power-off memory.
The SWITCH platform supports the camera function by pressing L1+L3 at the same time.

7.The cat ear ambient light can be turned off or on. The ambient light is turned on by default and sleeps with the machine; press and hold the R3 button for about 7 seconds to turn off the ambient light, and then press it for 7 seconds to turn on the ambient light

8.Support pressing the compound key L3+R3 for about 5 seconds to restore the factory settings (the sensitivity and replacement function will return to the default state after the factory settings)

9.Support low battery reminders and sleep.

10.The fixture supports the thickness of the desktop between 3-49mm


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