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Doyo KT501 Dual Arcade Joystick: The Perfect Fusion of Gaming Fun and Multi-platform Support


  In today's gaming world, arcade joysticks have become an essential gaming device for many gaming enthusiasts. They provide players with a more realistic and immersive gaming experience, making them feel like they are part of the game. Today, I will introduce a highly acclaimed arcade joystick - the Doyo KT501 Dual Arcade Joystick. Not only does it possess versatile functionality, but it also supports multiple platforms, bringing players even more gaming enjoyment.


  1. Multi-Functional Arcade Joystick, Multi-platform Support


  The Doyo KT501 is a powerful and multi-functional arcade joystick. It is compatible with SWITCH, PS3, PC, Android platforms, as well as Raspberry Pi, SNK mini, and PS1 mini, offering a perfect fit for PC gamers, console players, and those who enjoy gaming on mobile devices. Each platform is equipped with LED indicators, allowing you to easily understand the current operating status.


  1. Flexible Mode Switching, Enjoy Seamless Gaming


  For the PC platform, the default mode is Xinput mode, providing more control options for players during gaming. If you need to switch to Dinput mode, simply press and hold the mode button for about 3 seconds to change modes and enjoy a different gaming experience.


  1. High-Quality Materials, Stable and Durable


  The Doyo KT501's cable is made of pure copper and nylon wire, ensuring high-quality and outstanding durability. Furthermore, its metal casing, along with a suction cup base, ensures a secure and non-slip grip, providing a stable gaming control experience.

Manufacturing Materials and Durability of the Product


  1. Durable Button Design


  In gaming, frequent button presses are common, making the durability of buttons crucial. The buttons of Doyo KT501 have undergone rigorous testing and can withstand over 5 million repetitions, guaranteeing reliability and stability during long gaming sessions, allowing you to play games worry-free.


  1. Thoughtful Top Handle Buckle


  Doyo KT501 takes player convenience into consideration and adds a top handle buckle design. This clever design makes the joystick more portable and easier to carry, allowing you to enjoy gaming fun anytime and anywhere, whether at home or on the go.

Portability at Your Fingertips




The Doyo KT501 Dual Arcade Joystick has won the hearts of many gaming enthusiasts due to its versatility, multi-platform support, and high-quality materials. It not only offers exceptional gaming experiences on various platforms but also provides players with more control options through the flexible switching between Xinput and Dinput modes. Its stable and durable design, as well as long-lasting buttons, ensure extended gaming lifespan. The convenience of the top handle buckle allows you to carry it with ease. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned player, the Doyo KT501 promises to deliver an even more exciting gaming experience. Let's hold the joystick tightly, immerse ourselves in the gaming world, and enjoy the fun of gaming to the fullest!


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