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Doyo PC900 Degree Steering Wheel — A Multi-Functional Marvel for Driving Enthusiasts and Gamers

The Doyo PC900 Degree Steering Wheel is a versatile device that combines driving assistance and gaming entertainment, offering a whole new experience for both driving learners and gaming enthusiasts. To ensure it operates smoothly and delivers optimal performance, there are some key points to pay attention to regarding its connection, calibration, and driver settings.

1. Properly Connect the Pedals and Handbrake

  When connecting the pedals and handbrake to the steering wheel, it's essential to observe the markings for the handbrake and pedals on the steering wheel. Make sure to insert them into the correct corresponding holes to avoid any mishaps that may damage the steering wheel.

2. Connection Sequence

  Before connecting the steering wheel to your computer or other devices, be sure to connect the pedals to the steering wheel first. This will ensure that the steering wheel is correctly recognized by the device, guaranteeing the best user experience.

3. Calibrate the Steering Wheel

  After connecting the steering wheel to your computer or other devices, it's crucial to calibrate it. Turn the steering wheel left and right to reach the maximum angle and perform the maximum angle calibration to prevent any issues of the steering wheel not returning to the center position automatically.

4. Driver Settings

  In some cases, the steering wheel may not be correctly recognized due to the elimination of less commonly used software in modern computer systems. If this happens, you can search for and download the Microsoft "XBOX360 Controller 64-bit Driver" or "XBOX360 Controller 32-bit Driver" based on your computer's system, and install it on your computer.

5. Usage Precautions

- Avoid disassembling the product and refrain from using it in environments with excessive humidity, oil fumes, dust, or extreme temperatures (either too high or too low). Also, keep it away from direct sunlight and prevent any liquid from entering the internal components.
- After connecting the steering wheel, you can conduct quality testing by opening the Game Controllers software. In Windows systems, open "Control Panel" → "Game Controllers" → "Properties" to perform the test.
- This product is designed specifically for driving learners, providing a high-quality driving exercise experience.
- It supports both the driving learning mode and gaming mode (an encryption lock is required for the driving learning mode, which needs to be purchased separately).
- Different modes are distinguished by different colored lights: Blue light represents the latest Xinput mode by Microsoft, supporting up to 10 function keys; Red light indicates the driving learning mode; Purple light indicates the Android platform; Red light represents the PS3 platform.

6. Multi-Platform Compatibility

  The Doyo PC900 Degree Steering Wheel boasts extensive compatibility, supporting not only the PC's Xbox 360 mode and Android platform but also perfectly integrating with the PS3 platform. Whether you are a PC gamer, console player, or mobile device player, you can effortlessly connect and enjoy gaming.

7. Driving Learning Mode and Gaming Mode

  The unique feature of the Doyo PC900 Degree Steering Wheel is its driving learning mode, providing exclusive driving assistance for learners. In this mode, you can receive more driving guidance and real-time feedback, helping you master driving skills effectively. The gaming mode transforms the steering wheel into an exciting gaming tool, delivering a thrilling gaming experience.

8. Xinput Mode

  When the steering wheel is in blue light mode, it operates on the latest Xinput mode by Microsoft. This mode supports up to 10 function keys, offering more control options for gaming and enhancing your gaming experience.

9. User-Friendly and Quality Testing

  The Doyo PC900 Degree Steering Wheel is exceptionally user-friendly. By opening the Game Controllers software, you can conveniently test the quality and performance of the steering wheel. In Windows systems, simply click "Control Panel" → "Game Controllers" → "Properties" to conduct a comprehensive test, ensuring the steering wheel operates smoothly.

  In conclusion, the Doyo PC900 Degree Steering Wheel is a powerful driving learning tool and gaming entertainment gadget. It not only provides professional driving assistance for learners but also satisfies gaming enthusiasts' quest for an immersive gaming experience. Paying attention to proper connection, calibration, and driver settings are crucial for its smooth operation. The wide compatibility with multiple platforms and the introduction of driving learning mode further add to its appeal. If you are looking for a steering wheel that caters to both driving and entertainment needs, the Doyo PC900 Degree Steering Wheel is undoubtedly your ultimate choice. Let's embark on a journey of driving joy and immerse ourselves in the excitement of gaming!


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