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R808B 1080° Guided Wired Gaming Steering Wheel: Superior Control and Multi-Platform Compatibility

In the world of racing games, an excellent racing steering wheel is a crucial tool for achieving ultimate control. Today, we will introduce you to a cutting-edge steering wheel that leads the way in gaming experience - the R808B. With its multi-platform compatibility, high-low gear functionality, hot-swappable pedals and shifters, and many other features, the R808B is set to bring you an unprecedented gaming joy.

1. Multi-Platform Support, Seamless Integration:
The R808B gaming steering wheel offers guided support for platforms such as PS5/PS4/XBOX-Series X/XBOX-one/XBOX-360. By following the instructions in the manual to guide the hand controller to the corresponding platform through a data cable connection, the steering wheel can be activated. This means you can use this gaming steering wheel on various platforms and fully experience the unique charm of different games.

2. Extensive Direct Plug-In Support:
The R808B steering wheel provides direct plug-in support for platforms like PS3/PC-Xinput/PC-Dinput/Switch. When connected to a PC, it automatically enters Directinput mode, offering you a more convenient operating experience.

3. Unique PS5 Platform Guided Functionality:
On the PS5 platform, the R808B steering wheel supports guiding a PS4 controller to play PS4 games, providing better platform compatibility and expanding your game choices.

 Compatibility of the Controller with PS4

4. High-Low Gear Function, Precise Shifting:
The R808B steering wheel supports high-low gear shifting, allowing you to experience a more authentic driving feeling in racing games, offering you the most realistic sensations, more fun, and challenges in your gaming experience.

5. Hot-Swappable Pedals and Shifters:
With the steering wheel powered on, the R808B supports hot-swapping of pedals and shifters, allowing you to change configurations on the fly and adapt to different game demands.

6. Potentiometer Sensitivity Adjustment:
The R808B steering wheel offers potentiometer sensitivity adjustment, allowing you to fine-tune it according to your personal preferences and gaming needs, achieving more precise control.

7. Function Key Replacement, Personalized Customization:
With the support of function key replacement, you can customize the mapping of function keys according to your habits and requirements, creating a steering wheel configuration that is tailored to you.

8. Arbitrary Angle Locking, Smooth Driving:
When the steering wheel rotation angle exceeds 180 degrees, the R808B steering wheel supports arbitrary angle locking, providing you with a more stable and smooth control experience during gaming.

9. Power-Off Memory, Resume Gaming:
The angle locking and replacement functions of the R808B steering wheel support power-off memory, eliminating the need for repetitive settings and conveniently returning you to your favorite gaming state.

10. One-Key Reset and Restoration:
The angle setting and replacement functions of the R808B steering wheel support a one-key reset by pressing the Reset button for 5 seconds, allowing you to quickly return to default settings and switch between game modes.

11. H-Shifter Manual Calibration, Custom Tuning:
With support for H-shifter manual calibration, you can adjust the sensitivity of the H-shifter according to your personal preferences and gaming requirements, achieving the best shifting experience.

Standard H-Shifter Accessory

12. Hall Effect Linear Pedals, Smooth Control:
The R808B steering wheel is equipped with hall effect linear pedals, delivering smoother and more precise throttle and brake control, allowing you to navigate through the game world without any hindrance.

The R808B 1080° Guided Wired Gaming Steering Wheel is a powerful and multi-platform compatible gaming peripheral. Whether you are a dedicated racing game enthusiast or a player who enjoys gaming across various platforms, the R808B will fulfill your needs, providing you with an unparalleled gaming control experience. With its high-low gear functionality, hot-swappable pedals and shifters, and adjustable sensitivity, the R808B will unleash your passion in gaming, making you the true master of the gaming world. Enjoy the joy of gaming to the fullest!


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